GENNECT One Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 28, 2021

1. Definition

This Application Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) defines how user information is handled by services (“the Services”) provided by GENNECT One (“the Application”), a smartphone application provided by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION. The contact address concerning the Privacy Policy is in Article 7.

2. Type of information acquired and method and purpose of acquisition

The Application and Services automatically acquire the following information for the indicated purposes:

(1) Information related to inquiries

The server acquires inquiry information sent by the user as part of functionality that allows users to submit comments and requests concerning the Application.

The information is used to respond to inquiries.

(2) Information related to functionalities and devices

- Information related to connected instruments (model name, serial number, instrument's name, communication type, firmware version and other information).
- Information related to functionalities (function name, number of use, number of files and HIOKI's application software installed on the compuber).
- Information related to the computer (identification number, type of the computer, OS version, language and country of use).

- Providing the Services.
- Introducing the Services and responding to the inquiries.
- Improving the Application and the marketing analysis.

3. Agreement to the acquisition and the use of information

When using the Service or installing the Application, please read and understand the Privacy Policy.

4. Location of the Privacy Policy

When using the Service and the Application, please read and understand the Privacy Policy.

Method for disclosing the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy will be available on this website.

Location of the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy will be posted on the website that distributes the Application.
It will also be available on the Application’s “Information”-"Privacy Policy" menu item.

5. Method of user participation

User participation in information used by the Service
To stop use of user information, uninstall the Application. All information stored internally on the computer will be deleted. If you have used the export function to save data elsewhere, delete those files manually.

User participation in information used in advertising
The Application does not display advertisements.

6. External data transmission, provision of information to third parties, and presence of an information module

External data transmission and provision of information to third parties
Information acquired in accordance with Article 2 above is sent to a server operated by HIOKI or its agent and used for the purposes defined in Article 2. No information about the user is provided to any third parties, with the exception of HIOKI’s agents.

Handling of information if application includes an embedded information-gathering module
The Application uses the functions of the software (WebView2 runtime library) provided by Microsoft Corporation for the purpose of displaying the operation screen of the instrument in this application. It may collect information about the end user’s use of the software functions, and send that information to Microsoft Corporation to provide services as disclosed in Microsoft’s Privacy Statement at

7. Inquiries

Inquiries should be directed to

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to revision. Any changes will be posted on this website. Please check regularly for changes.

9. Relationship between this Privecy Policy and HIOKI's Privacy Policy

If there is a conflict between the descriptions of this Privacy Policy and the HIOKI's Privacy Policy, the description of this Privacy Policy shall control.