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About the change of the application name:
The name and icon of the application have changed since version 3.00.
The features and data are still available in new version.
Version Name Icon
former V1.01〜V2.21 GENNECT Cross for Windows
new V3.00〜 GENNECT One

User's Manual:
User's Manual
You can also find the user's manual from the [Information] - [Help] menu of this application.

For an overview of this application, please refer to the website of the GENNECT series.
GENNECT Homepage

Privacy Policy:
For information regarding the protection of personal information, please read Privacy Policy.

GENNECT One is compatible with the following products.

Target Models:
- LR8400, LR8401, LR8402 MEMORY HiLOGGER

Key Features:

- Import files from GENNECT Cross for iOS/Android
* You can't connect to the windows app via Bluetooth directly.
Data types General MeasurementLoggingBatteryImagePDF
File format HIOKI GENNECT Format (.hok)

- LAN real-time measurement(Monitoring/Logging)
Data types Logging
Supported instruments PQ3100PQ3198PW3360PW3365PW3390PW6001LR8400LR8401LR8402LR8410MR6000
Remarks (*1) Logging/monitoring feature supports real-time measurement only via LAN communication.
(*2) Real-time measurement via Bluetooth is not supported in GENNECT One.

- LAN automatic file transfer
Data types PQA Measurement DataPOWER LOGGER Measurement DataDATA LOGGER WaveformMEMORY HiCORDER Waveform
Supported instruments PQ3100PQ3198PW3360PW3365LR8400LR8401LR8402LR8410MR6000
Remarks (※1) This feature supports automatic file transfer only via LAN communication.

- LAN remote control
Data types
Supported instruments PQ3100PQ3198PW3360PW3365LR8400LR8401LR8402LR8410MR6000
Remarks (※1) This feature supports remote controling instruments only via LAN communication.
(※2) If you are using remote control feature with DATA LOGGER (LR8400,LR8401,LR8402,LR8410,LR8416), JavaTM must be installed on your computer.

- Import data from instruments
Data types BatteryPQA Measurement Data
Supported instruments BT3554BT3554-013554PQ3100
Remarks (*1) Importing the data from the earlier product 3554 is supported only in Windows7.
(*2) Importing the data from PQ3100 is supported only via LAN communication.

- Configure instrument settings
Data types Battery
Supported instruments BT3554BT3554-013554
備考 (*1) Configuring settings with the earlier product 3554 is supported only in Windows7.

- Export data in CSV format
Data types General MeasurementLoggingBattery

- Create reports
Data types General MeasurementLoggingBattery

Version History:
- 2019/11/08 V3.01(Latest Version)
 * Fixed an issue that 3554 was not displayed in the “Select instruments” screen.
 * Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash under certain conditions when launching the app.
 * Fixed minor bugs.
- 2019/10/16 V3.00
 * Changed the app name to "GENNECT One".
 * Changed the app icon.
 * Added supported instruments for the real-time measurement (Logging/Monitor) function (PQ3198, MR6000).
 * Added "LAN automatic file transfer" function.
 * Added "LAN remote control" function.
 * Fixed minor bugs.
- 2019/09/26 V2.21
 * Fixed the issue that some Japanese character in report garbles on Windows 10 Japanese operating system.
- 2019/03/29 V2.20
 * Added the [Information]-[Privacy Policy] menu item.
 * Added the [Other Apps] tab page.
 * Supported a new language for the app's GUI. :Italian
 * Supported PW3390 and PW6001 in the real-time measurement (logging) function.
 * Fixed an issue that the button for changing report-logo does not work in the viewer of battery, logging and general measurement function.
- 2018/11/20 V2.11
 * Fixed an V2.10 issue that prevented measurement values of the battery report function from displaying correctly under an OS environment for in which the thousands separator is represented by a period “.”.
 * A progress window in the automatic upgrading function has been improved to appear at the center of the screen.
- 2018/10/31 V2.10
 * Supported a new language for the user's manual and the app's GUI. :Simplified Chinese
- 2018/07/31 V2.00
 * Added the real-time measurement (monitoring and logging) function
 * Added a function that can merge consecutively logged data before exporting in CSV format
 * Improved the viewer for the logging function
- 2017/12/22 V1.40
 * Added the ability to open a file by double-clicking the list
 * Added the ability to import a HIOKI GENNECT Format file (.hok) using drag and drop
 * Added the ability to export PQ3100 measurement data in ZIP format
- 2017/04/26 V1.30
 * Improved the usability of the graph in the Logging function
- 2017/03/21 V1.20
 * Added additional information on the instruments' definition list
- 2017/02/06 V1.10
 * The battery function is now compatible with the legacy Model 3554 BATTERY HiTESTER
 ※The USB communication function of 3554 BATTERY HiTESTER is not supported under Windows 8 or later
 * Added the ability to import PQ3100 POWER QUALITY ANALYZER measurement results via LAN
- 2016/11/28 V1.03
 * Fixed an issue that prevented existing threshold tables from opening in the Battery function
 * Fixed an issue that prevented graph libraries from loading under Windows 7 SP2
- 2016/10/24 V1.02
 * Fixed an issue that prevented measurement values from displaying correctly under an OS environment in which the decimal point is represented by a comma “,”.
- 2016/05/19 V1.01
 * First Release

Operating Environment:
- OS:
 Windows Vista(32bit / 64bit SP2 or later),
 Windows 7(32bit / 64bit),
 Windows 8(32bit / 64bit), Windows 8.1(32bit / 64bit),
 Windows 10(32bit / 64bit)
- Software Environment:
 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5
- CPU:
 CPU clocked at 2GHz or greater
- Memory:
 4MB or more
- Display:
 1024×800 or more
- Hard Disk:
 1GB hard disk space or more

- Copyright
 The copyright to the executable program file and associated documents is owned by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION.
- Conditions for use
 This utility may not be bundled with software or other publications which are sold for profit without the express written permission of the copyright owner.
- Responsibility for use
 This program is free software. It is provided for use at the user's risk. HIOKI disclaims any and all responsibility for any consequences arising out of use of this software.